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Breeding working

The breeder

Our german shepherd are raised in family with emphasis on origins and quality of spawners, balance and the behavior of our females: the environment allows our dogs to evolve without stress and thus produce a balanced puppy, curious and playful.
The parents in farming, are free of dysplasia and identified by their DNA. They regularly attend exhibitions and contests of beauty work.
All our dogs are socialized as a "method without constraint" based solely on the game and motivation, as well as adults they will make excellent companions. My dogs born in the breeding or acquired outside to age of 2 months, have all done well in shows or beauty contests work (see results under "Our German Shepherds" and "Awards") siblings have the same genetic potential.

Ulster and Didier in the snow in 2004
Ulster and Didier - 2004

The future owner

At the age of 2 months, you will remain an important work of education, discovery of the outside world and deepening of the socialization to do: you have not purchased a puppy "turnkey".
You can get good results with patience, work, perseverance and above all consistency: If you feel calm and not available, see your training at a later time.
For his development and balance, I can only encourage you to attend a dog training club as soon as possible, of the Puppy School is a very good learning: these sessions will be very beneficial for the puppy and the teacher also . You will get a complicity with your dog throughout his life.


A puppy is a puppy, that is a living being: I have the means to do well, however there is no zero risk in terms of selection.
As for you, future owner, are you on your motivation, you want to invest personally?
If you're ready to embark on this wonderful adventure, I am able to offer puppies that meet your requirements, balanced, and players playing with children, including their primary vocation of excellent guards. |
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