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My journey into the world of Germans Shepherd

The Birth of Run An Faouët

Enthusiast German Shepherd since always, I decided in 2002 to get into the breeding of this wonderful breed to produce the perfect companion that it was hard to find.
From the beginning, the breeding has participated in many National Championship and regularly produces recommended subjects. It also participates in competitions of work.

Bess de Run An Faouët
Bess de Run An Faouët

My presence in the world of Germans Shepherd

  • Member of breed club S.C.B.A. since 1993 and S.C.B. (1993).
  • Holder of breeding's certificate of competency (n° 22 07 13), Monitor club certificate, entitled to the practice of disciplines including bite work (n° 22 011 DM), 1st Brittany's class in 2000 in Trégueux
  • Driver and user R.C.I. and RING
  • Plotter selected (2001 in Saint-Brandan)
  • Having attended several courses, one of them particularly interested me:
    "Puppy School" helped me and strengthened my convictions on the education of puppies. |
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