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The German Shepherd, who is he?

Short description of the German Shepherd

It is primarily a working dog walker with a morphology that allows great mobility and ease in the prolonged effort: we do with our dogs Patent endurance over a distance of 20 kilometers.
His muscles are dry and firm with strong loins, developed a chest and strong limbs. His height at the withers is between 60 and 65 cm for males, 55 and 60 cm for females with respective average weights of 35 and 30 kg.
It must be awake, be sociable with a strong character and balanced.
His ability to work and his boundless love for his master are all qualities that have been chosen by the police, army and customs around the world to custody, the search for drugs and explosives. It also excels in guide dog, avalanche dog, and other natural disasters.
It is also a loyal companion dog and a wonderful playmate for children.

Lord de Celius - National Championship 1997
Lord de Celius - National Championship 1997 |
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