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Breeding guideline

Selection of mothers

A fearful mother will pass his bad behavior by mimicking his puppies. Certainly a selection of the standard required, but we must emphasize that the level of character, the mother must be beyond reproach . This is the goal I set.


As soon as they have their eyes open (10th - 13th day) puppies are handled several times a day.

A method without constraint

This method is essentially based on the game, and play behaviors are expressed.
We use the motivation of the puppy to get the desired result (based on the instinct of prey)A puppy player is a puppy good in his head that would later become a balanced dog and a great companion.


Puppies are in contact with adult dogs livestock and people from outside farming. They are exposed to different auditory stimuli (music, strange noises ...).
All the stimuli are necessary for the development of the puppy, whether visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile or acoustic.

Breaking the bite

It is done at the age of 7 to 8 weeks within the litter using different fabrics and soft contacts (small stick, bamboo, etc.).
When the puppy leaves the farm, its new owner just has to take over if they wish, as the stripping is already done and it is essential for the rest of his career.


Learning starts early at the age of eight weeks and is played on grass with food. And the results are very fast! |
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