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The 17/12/2017 at 22h23 : Huxya's puppies are born !

Huxya's puppies are born on the 12th of december : there are 3 beautiful females. The father is Gucci de Run an Faouët.

The little family is in good health !

Gucci de Run An Faouët
Huxya de Run An Faouët
Gucci de Run An Faouët Huxya de Run An Faouët

The 21/10/2017 at 21h26 : Births expected in December

Wedding :

Huxya de Run an Faouët and Gucci de Run an Faouët : the pupppies are expected mid-December.

Iorga de Run An Faouët
Irun de Run An Faouët
Iorga de Run An Faouët Irun de Run An Faouët

The 17/09/2017 at 18h54 : Tribute to Ulster

Ulster left us on August 25 at 14 and almost 4 months, leaving a big void behind him.

This exceptional German shepherd brought us a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

He had a great availability, a willingness to work and always make us happy.

We will never enough thank Bernard and Éric Le Bont (Minguevel Breeding) for allowing us to share his life by entrusting Ulster to us.

Thank you to all those who loved him and trained with us for exhibitions or canine sport events. A special mention to her favorite photographer (who will recognize herself) who has sublimated him, with her beautiful photos, which she always realized with passion.

Elite A by its progeny (5 recommended subjects including 4 breeds of the breeding, out of 5 females of different origins), but very little used, and mainly to the Breeding De Run an Faouët of which it is at the origin.

He will have brought to his offspring an exceptional quality of bite that is not found in many lineages called beauty.

His 4 daughters of the breeding have been the best proof by not failing in the tests of character of the National Breeding of the SCBA (CCBA).

Ulster, you stay in our hearts forever.

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